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harsh martial law in london. >>> and a veteran who lied about military service on "american idol." i'm wolf blitzer, and this is i'm wolf blitzer, and this is "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> and in ankara, it was a scene that shook the compound and rattled nerves all of the way to washington. ivan watson is learning more about the attack and attacker. >> reporter: wolf, the turkish government is blaming a suicide bomb attack against the u.s. embassy in ankara on a little known leftist marxist turkish organization. shortly after 1:00 p.m. friday the suicide bomber struck damaging the heavily fortified entrance of the u.s. embassy in ankara. it shattered concrete and stone and left the bomber and moustafa carchu one of the embassy guards dead. >> right now we are dealing with the loss of a fellow member of our embassy, and we salute his bravery, and his service to turkey and turkish/american friendship. our hearts go out to his family. >> reporter: among the wounded is a turkish television reporter who is now in the hospital. turkey's prime minister deno
the white house and hagel himself. >> pelley: nancy, thank you. one of the bright stories of the london olympics took a dark turn today. south african oscar pistorius, who ran with carbon fiber blades in place of the legs that he lost as a child, was arrested today in the murder of his girlfriend. we have more from mark phillips. >> reporter: he was the "blade runner," the poster boy for disabled athletes. she was the glamorous cover girl, super model and reality tv star. together, reeva steenkamp and oscar pistorius were the glamour couple on the south african social circuit. now, she is dead, multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body. and he's hiding his face in police custody. pistorius had spoken of his high hopes for his then-new girlfriend late last year. >> are you dating anyone special? >> i am seeing someone. she's a wonderful girl. >> reporter: south africa is a violent place. guns are everywhere, including in oscar pistorius' house. the blade runner's success, both on the paralimpic circuit and racing for the first time in the london olympics against able- bodied athletes,
which occurred in the context of 9/11, the london bombing, the madrid train station bombing and then of course, al-qaeda which was blowing up civilians, the purpose of the interrogations was to prevent the events from happening which they failed at. >> why are the senators against that. >> they're intent on focusing on one thing, torture to the exclusion of these other issues, that's, to my opinion, why they're doing it, because senators are egotistical grandstanders. >> you're looking at the very definition of ideology and if it's not senator feinstein's mom that this is about the bombing and the terror, but, we want to change your view. this is an outrage and when she said dark times, the dark times are taking us back to. >> briefly, matt, is it going to win? >> i doubt it. >> paul: all right, we have to take one more break. when he we come back, our hits and misses of the week. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxi
old. by then he had already become one of the london's most important men of letters and possibly the world's greatest wit. but that didn't stop england from charging him with 25 counts of gross indecencies and conspiracies to commit gross indecencies when he was 40 years old. the prosecution called young male witnesses to testify about the criminal sexual behavior oscar wilde engaged in when homosexual sex was a crime in england and most of the world. during the trial, the prosecutor read a poem by lord alfred douglas that wilde said he admired and asked wilde to interpret one of the lines of the poem. the prosecutor's question was, quote, what is the love that dare not speak its name? oscar wilde gave a long answer at the end of which the court transcript indicates, loud applause mingled with some hiss. the sex crime defendant facing ruination as he sat in the witness stand answered the question this way. the love that dare not speak its name in this century is such a great affection of an elder for a younger man, such a plato made the very basis of his philosophy and in michela
runner. pistorius broke records. he beat able-bodied athletes. in london last summer he became the first double amputee to compete in both the paralympic and olympic games. successfully arguing that his carbon fiber legs gave him no advantage over flesh and bone. >> i mean, we can get so technical about how much stuff they've tested. there isn't an advantage. >> reporter: he was a star, talented, hard working humble. he could do no wrong. until the london paralympics. at his best event a brazillian on blades outpaced him. he lashed out falsely accusing the winner of cheating. he apologized later. it was seen as a slip in an otherwise stellar career. now some of his fans see it as something else. a sign that their hero had a darker side all along. >> i know there's a lot of speculation as to whether he did it on purpose or not. but it's word. >> reporter: the 26-year-old was arrested at his home in pretoria thursday morning. valentine's day. his girlfriend of a few months reeva steenkamp had been shot four times through a bathroom door with his nine millimetre handgun. police have said li
london games. and now according to the associated press and some other sources has been charged with the murder of his 30-year-old girlfriend. she's a model. she was found shot to death at the south african home of oscar pistorius, the double amputee olympic sprinter who's known as the blade runner. the name of the suspected shooter has not been revealed, but a 26-year-old man, a man the same age as pistorius, has been taken into custody. a court hearing is set for later today. so we're still getting information about what happened. >> yeah. >> some people are suggesting he mistook her for an intruder. others are saying that may just be what he told the police when they walked in and found the scene. you can't overstate how shocking this is. he's not just your average runner. he's an international icon, an inspiration to a lot of people. >> yeah. >> he came out. he had won gold in a lot of paralip pipar paralymp paralympics. he was already a hero for that. then to qualify for the olympics in loss done was historic. he ran in the 4x400. >> you were in london. this was the story.
the london hospital. usefy will continue rehabilitation in birmingham, england. it's a miracle. >> some new perspective on the current state of the economy right now. according to the bureau of economic analysis since the end of the recession in 2009 the u.s. economy has grown 7.5%. compare that to double digit growth in other post recession periods and it appears that president obama has presided over the weakest economic recovery since world war ii. this as a new fox news poll shows 52% of americans believe the worst is yet to come. that's up from 48% just a year ago. let's bring in our political panel, angela mcglowan and a former spokesperson for vermont gosh howard dean who is also a presidential candidate. ladies, thanks for joining us, look, there's a lot of pessimism right now as we're seeing right now, a degree of uncertainty amongst the american people and why do you think that is when we're seeing that the economy shall at least our unemployment rate dropped to below 8%. >> americans, americans are suffering, kelly. i mean, people today, most don't believe in the american dream a
he it comes to the catwalk. the models at london's mainstream fashion week were predictably thin. >> the fact that there isn't variation, that's a problem. and that is definitely a bad message to be sending out. >> reporter: jada is a plus-sized model, dress size 14. she founded a london fashion week event where all the models were plus size. similar events have taken place in new york for several years. sitting in the front row, a woman from oregon on a mission. >> plus-size women are constantly told all the time that they're not allowed to wear fashion, they're not allowed to feel beautiful. these events say you can. >> reporter: what are you hoping to achieve with this event? >> we are trying to educate people that plus size, curvy women can look great on the catwalk. and hopefully slowly but surely these will win the hearts of the plus-sized community. >> reporter: this model says no question attitudes are changing. >> i think it's very important. i think it's really that plus-size people themselves are making the change. i think it's very empowering to women in general. >> r
. scientists say no. they're calling it a cosmic coincidence. savannah? >> duncan golestani in london, thank you. dr. neil degrass tyson is a scientist. good to see you. >> good morning. >> we have these incredible images. >> this could happen perhaps once a decade. in fact, in the 1990s there was an air blast, possibly of similar magnitude that occurred in the air space between india and pakistan at a sensitive time when they were talking about nuclear disarmament or rather a armament. most of earth is water. this happens over the pacific, no one would necessarily see it. >> well, right. and we see it happen in a populated area, one imagines the outcome could have been even worse if it hits a big city like manhattan shall right? >> of course. it's a shockwave, basically. this asteroid is coming in. it hits earth's atmosphere and feels like a brick wall to it because of how fast it's moving. when you hit a brick wall you basically explode. that's what happened here, it explode in mid air that. shockwave shatters glass or anything franlg sbil breakable over a huge radius. oklahoma city bomb t
leader in 30 years. >>> now to london that is where scientists unveiled a until dollar man. that is how much it costs to create this bionic man named rex. he has a working heart lungs and even a human face. amazing. >> thank you, heather. if you thought we would see unemployment below 7 percent soon, think again. the congressional budget office letti releasing a new report for the fiscal outlook in ten years. here's what the ceo director had to say. >> under current bau we expect the unemployment rate to remain above 7 and a half percent. it would be the 6th year with unemployment so high the longest period in 70 years. >> what does this mean for our economy? diane macedo has more. >> if the ceo's latest predictions are right they set a record for 2013 for the longest period of high unemployment since the great depression. that's because the office expects the economy to grow 1.4 percent thanks in part to the expiration of the bush tax cuts and automatic spending cuts currently set to kick in in march. debt is expected to remain historically high relative to the economy. by 2023 current
. next leg, the bafta awards in london on sunday. >> you of all people should know that once you're on their list, you never get off. >> reporter: zero dark 0 is indeed on the list for b30 is indeed on the list for best film. it's up geagainst argo. and apparently they can teach a tiger to act. life of pi has nine nominations and with les mis in the mix, competition is fie
for the stars to walk yet. next leg, the bafta awards in london on sunday. >> you of all people should know that once you're on their list, you never get off. >> reporter: zero dark 0 is indeed on the list for b30 is indeed on the list for best film. it's up geagainst argo. and apparently they can teach a tiger to act. life of pi has nine nominations and with les mis in the mix, competition is fierce. they could all be sent packing by "lincoln" which leads the list with ten nominations. >> a common notion is this, things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. >> reporter: that's all very well, mr. president, but daniel day-lewis is red carpet royalty, up for his fourth bafta, not to mention history making third oscar for best actor. >> big films to small french films, some really well established names. and then some people, you know, like ben affleck who is on the list for the first time. so it's a really great list actually. >> reporter: and it promises to be a really great night hosted once again by british company median steven fry who says his job will be made easie
. [ laughter ] >> that is gray great thing issue i can look london fletcher in the eyes and -- . >> before you met? >> don't tell him i said that. >> i don't know if you saw the wave, i waved at you guys, but -- . >> lust thing -- just letting you know i'm okay. >> you never go somewhere expecting people to chant your name. i never have. i don't know about you guys. [ laughter ] so, so -- [ laughter ] >> i don't know if you have ever been to a good doctor, but -- [ laughter ] like i said, i'm good for one every time, but -- >> good for one every time. he's hysterical. >> a side we don't get to see, usually about business, the sound you have to use for the sports casts. >> yes. >> i have been collecting them all season. he gets embarrassd when he starts laughing because he knows everyone's looking. he's covering his mouth and everything. he's great and funny. if he's not able to play next year, this is something people will miss as well. >> . >> and hopefully he makes this. >> and that is what you want from your professional athletic star, a combination of being able to play, obviously, but a g
to a london hospital where kate middleton was a patient is back on australian air waves. michael christian returned to work in another station and that is two months after the suicide of the nurse who answered the call from the djs, pretipping to be the queen and prince charles hoping for an update on middleton. they were initially blamed for the death and take know off of the air. british prosecutors later said that they would not face criminal charges. craig has not returned to work just yet. >>> and thank you for join us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. >>> right off the top tonight, shocking news out of the vatican today. as pope benedict xvi announces he is resigning, something that hasn't been done in more than a half a millenium. thanks for staying with us. i'm brian bolter. the pope said he no longer has the strength of mind and body to perform has papal duties. his last day is february 28th. the vatican expects a new pope to be elected by the end of march, in time for easter. the last pope to resign without being pushed was salastien v in 1294 and this is then, that w
of the london games and he has been charged with murder. >> pistorius was taken into custody. >>> received the medal of honor this week. congratulations. >> thank you. in that moment you just knew you had to rally the guys. we had to stick together as a team like we've done time and time again and dig deep. ♪ some nights i stay up cashing in my bad luck some nights i call it a draw ♪ ♪ some nights i wish that my lips could build a castle ♪ >> you guys can go. i'm going to get the plane. >> steve harvey is in the house. >> super model naomi campbell stop i stopping by. >> guys are quite interested in the show today. >> kate upton right now, al, being photographed. life is good. >> yes. >> we are on a friday field trip in boston. >> will bobby orr be at the wier party? that would be bizarre. >>> taking over the internet, it is the harlem shake. ♪ >>> 8:r56 is your time now on this friday, february 15th, 2013. i'm eun yang. an overturned dump truck caused some big delays on the beltway. let's check in with danella for an update. >> this has been a problem all morning long. traveling
. but nothing occur ivey when it comes to the catwalk. the mainstream london fashion week were predictably thin. >> the fact that there isn't any variation that is a problem and a bad message to be sending to girls. >> jada is a plus size model, dress size 14. she started a fringe london fashion week where all of the models are plus model. in the front row, a woman from oregon on a mission. >> plus size women are told they can't feel beautiful. thee events say they can. >> reporter: what are you trying to do? >> we are trying to say plus size curvy women can look great on the catwalk, and we hope this will impact the plus size community. >> reporter: no question, attitudes are changing. >> it's very important. it is really that plus size people themselves are making the change, and it's very empowering to women in general. >> reporter: singer adele described a little too fat by carl laggerfeld, she hit back and said i represent the majority of women and many am proud of that. for regular plus size women and that's more than half the female population in the u.s., clothes shopping can be a chall
times" book review. >>> the group of 30 convening in london earlier this morning. this is a group of former central bankers and leaders in financial worlds. key topics were the supply of long-term capital to support long-term investment. for more we're joined by lord adair turner, chairman of the financial services authority and a member of the group of 30. thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. or good afternoon just in london. >> yes, absolutely. good afternoon to you. we really want to talk about all the news that you have created in the last week, because you're talking about helicopter money. that we should remove the taboo of monetization, just a lot more printing, am i oversimplifying it? >> only slightly. i mean, the idea that governments and central banks should not finance deficits with money is one of the great taboos in economics. one of the interesting things about it is if you go back to what milton friedman wrote in 1948 or what henry simons, one of the founding fathers of the chicago school wrote in 1936, they believed that it was the obvious thing to do t
from london's heathrow airport to boston and new york. am track also suspending rail service in the northeast. meteorologist julie martin is tracking the storm for us. julie, where are seeing i guess the most intense snowfall right now? >> from connecticut to maine and massachusetts but really to put it in perspective, we are just getting going here. this storm just starting to wind up. in cities like boston, dealing with a slushy mess and snow right now. maine heavy snow for you. new york, just starting to turn over to snow but by the evening rush around 5:00 p.m. really going to get blasted there in new york city. heavy snow expected tonight. could pick up another eight inches to a foot and the word of caution today is get out early, get off the roads. many governors wanting you to do that very thing. here's a look at tomorrow then. still dealing with blizzard-like conditions in the cities including boston. this is a long duration of that and that's a problem with this system. storm:con for boston is a 10. that's the highest level here at the weather channel. you need cauti
first exclusive for you. piers morgan, he's okay. he's landed in london safely. we have new information for you tonight on the two big stories. new insight into that rogue ex-cop turned alleged killer that could help lead to his capture. plus reports on the restraining order his girlfriend took out against him. all that in a moment. first, we're going to deal with the story that is literally all around us. this potential record-setting blizzard. predictions have been terrible, up to 3 feet of snow, up to 40 million in its path. a blizzard earns its name, however, not from snow but from winds. 70-mile-per-hour winds, littery hurricane force. potential damage and power outages much worse. so far, more than 130,000 outages have been reported. let's get to our correspondents who are all around the most vulnerable areas. we're going to start with jason carroll in boston -- we're going to go to alli velshi, i'm sorry in cape cod. we worry about storm surge. cape cod is a place that is targeted for that. ali, what is the situation now? >> chris, i'm losing you because we have just had a major,
following a fatal crash. >>> an emergency meeting taking place in london today as ministers, food inspectors, and retailers try to we'll do a bizarre discovery of horse meat, yep, horse meat, in beef products across europe. so far millions of pound of processed beef -- products, that is, have been pulled from shelves from the u.k. and france. >>> and monopoly. it gets a new game piece. >>> iran's president nearly gets a shoe to the face. >>> and some tourists in hawaii get the scare of their lives. in case you missed it all, a look now back at the week that was. >>> the boy scouts prepare to vote on whether to end its ban on gays. >> i pose no harm to anyone. >> it's going to lead to human tragedy. >> the postal service is eliminating saturday deliveries. >> we're now at a point where it is absolutely necessary to make that move. monopoly fans, you have spoken. >> in comes a cat. [ meow ] >> monopoly makes a move. the post office makes a change. and the boy scouts of america, well, they can't make up their minds. to ban good days -- ban gays w the question. it set off a frenzy. >> what happ
got of oscar pistorius was on this broadcast in the run-up to the summer olympic games in london. we aired what became the defining profile of him reported by mary carrillo of nbc sports who traveled to south africa and got to know this unusual olympic athlete. well, fast forward to this past week. his name and image are everywhere. his beautiful girlfriend is dead and now his future turns on whether his version of his story is believed. tonight for us, mary cavio has traveled back to south africa to find out more about the woman whose death is at the center of this story. >> oscar pistorius says that 29-year-old girlfriend reeva steenkamp was the love of his life. she was also about to be a reality show star in this country. a cast member of tropic island. she was killed just days before the season premiere. these are exclusive outtakes from the show not seen in the united states until now. >> my name is reeva, and i'm a model. i have a law degree, as well, but right now i'm enjoying traveling and being behind the camera. it's what i'm passionate about. >> she grew up around horses
achievers. you get to places like a new haven or a hartford or a new london where 40% of the children fail to get out of a -- to get a high-school diploma, it is related to socio-economic spirit if you are opposing that as an excuse, that is not an excuse. you can draw this a long home ownership plans, racial lines, family income lines, you can also draw it along the line that quite frankly, we know what works and education. we have enough models of there that tell us you can educate anybody. we are more likely to replicate our failures than our successes. every time there is a success and education people running around trying to explain why that is not applicable. it is applicable. we need to replicate those experiences. >> should teachers be more of a partner in this effort? in your experience, they are a pretty fiercely opposed to what you were trying to do. a lot of money against your plan. >> in the end, we have a package. we have a package that the secretary described as the most comprehensive single reform package passed in any state. yes, it was a pretty bad dust up and some elbow
that i can actually go on the field and look london fletcher in the eyes and know that i'm about to complete a pass on him. >> before you met -- >> don't tell him i said that. i don't know if you guys saw the wave. i waved to you guys, but just letting you guys know i'm okay. you never go somewhere expecting people to chant your name or at least i never have. i don't know about you guys, but -- so i don't know if any of you guys have ever been to the doctor, but like i said, i'm good for one every time, but -- >> never a dull moment. >> you know what i like? it's natural. he didn't plan all that. it's just the way it comes out. >> it's so funny and a lot of times press conferences are so much about the nuts and bolts of a game. whenever he talks, it's just hysterical. nobody gets to see that but the media, so it's good we can share that with everybody. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper stroganoff. beefy. creamy. stroganoffy. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant.
of the gravity of his decision. >>> the "today" show is staying on top of this story with bureaus london and italy as well. we're going to have, of course, their coverage coming up in a couple of minutes. >>> that does it for "news4 today." thanks for starting your day (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit the3day.org to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
visual art award. it's the first time the turner prize has been held outside london. liverpool has so much going for it in so many ways, including the institute for the performing arts, set up by paul mccartney in 1995. it's also pleased to have the finest neoclassical building in the e.u., st. george's hall. st. george's was one of the earliest on the scene, and sadly fell into disrepair, but it reopened in april 2007, after a £23 million makeover, and through its refurbished doors pour today's visitors to the antiques roadshow, hoping to impress our experts with their own private treasures. so, how long has it taken you to bring this band together? it took me about 15 years in all. and why did you do it? well, i was fortunate enough to work for a man called tom roberts, who was my father's partner in business, and he was a real wise old sage, and knowledgeable, and he was, um, very much into collecting meissen china. one christmas, i went along to his house, and i saw his collection of monkeys, and i was fascinated by this. i was about 19 or 20. he said, "well, you might as well st
on to lighter news, we wanted to give our respects to stuart freeborn. he passed away at the age of 98 in london. you may not know the name or face, but you know his work. he was the makeup genius behind "star wars." he's the one who did chubaca and j java the hut. had a six decade career in film. he did "2001 space odyssey," but his claim to fame was "star wars" and george lucas released an incredibly flattering statement saying he was already a legend in the business before he came to the set of "star wars." but just wanted to note that passing and send thoughts and love to the family. but everyone loves "star wars." >> absolutely. >>> justin bieber has become the first artist with five number one albums before his 19th birthday. >> wow, before 19. >> before he hit 19, this man has -- this boy, this teenager has five number one albums on the billboard 200. "believe acoustic" debuts atop the list with 211,000 copies sold. but great success and great tragedy, i guess if you can call it tragedy. he's never been nominated for a grammy. >> i don't know if tragedy is the word. >> maybe not tragic. i
bureaucracy and paying more to get a u.k. visa just to come to london for two or tree days? >> right. -- or three days? >> right. why isn't britain part of the system in. >> there are lots of reasons, but if i give an analogy, the mexican government last year decided that if you had a u.s. visa, if you fought your way through the u.s. visa mechanism to get a u.s. visa, that was good enough for the mexicans. you didn't have to get a separatea. that's all i'm asking that china consider. they're a big market, there's estimates of losing two billion pounds a year through retail outlets. chinese tourists big spenders. >> at a time when they're looking for any way to increase growth why not pursue this obvious one? >> when chinese come, they come in groups. at the moment, they're not coming to the u.k. if you look in the reverse direction in beijing and shanghai shanghai,they've decided people can go without a visa. they're trying to encourage them to stop on the way to somewhere else, but the u.k. is not listening to the approach. >> when we look at the olympics, that was such a way for b
when you go through the tsa lines but when you go to london, amsterdam, paris, rome, you go through europe, you don't have to take off your shoes. why the discrepancy? >> of course, it all dates back to 2001 with the shoe bomber. there's a policy here in the u.s. as we expand the known and trusted travel population, we actually expect approximately 45 to 50 million people this year to be able to keep their shoes on as they go through security screening. we're working with the european union to have consistency and harmonization and we're working with manufacturers to make sure the best capabilities for shoes. there's a number of efforts that are ongoing to try to facilitate that. but the best way people can have the highest assurance to be able to keep their shoes on is to sign up for the custom borders global entry program. you submit an application online. you go in for an interview. $100 for five years or $20 a year. it's a good bargain that the u.s. government still offers. it's something that we encourage anybody who flies with any frequency, whether domestically or clearly int
while ago. 1989 to 1991. senior producer for the today show and nbc's london bureau chief. republican caller from alexandria virginia. >> al-jazeera al-jazeera journfallists in 2005 four and 2005 basically identified directly aiding and abetting of u.s. forces on the ground and directly contributed to by spotting and targeting american sources for the enemy directly leading to the death of american troops in iraq. and i think that it is something that american or listeners of this show should be very much aware of when they. participating in the al-jazeera. i read your website consistently. i think the news is decent but the editorial portions are so strongly anti-american, and, all of these articles they are talking about the downfall of america, and the strength of the vis-a-vis america and how, and i give you a perfect example. last week when president obama announced an increase in aiding and humanitarian aid to syrian civilians and the ref few camps in southern turkey, al-jazeera ran the article how america not giving weapons to the free syrian army was actually indirectly assist
to duncan this morning in london. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this was up close and big. russia's academy of is russia's sciences said it was ten tons and traveled at3,000 miles an hour. no wonder people were panicking. so streaking across the early morning fire, a burst of light and an explosion of sound. these unverified pictures show the close shave with a meteorite. locals heard and felt the shock wave of it passing. on the ground, people stunned and unsure of what they had seen were left staring at the thick trail. this man said it lasted three, maybe four seconds. more than 400 are reported injured, many hurt by broken glass. windows popped out and a large part of this factory roof collapsed. this level of damage is rare, but meteorites are common. they're often smaller an burn up as they enter the earth's atmosphere. an asteroid the size of a swimming pool will make the closest recorded pass of earth. closer than some satellites. >> we understand it's going extreme he well and we can say there's no chance of it hitting the earth. >> reporter: this pa
got done talking with the jaguars' owner and the jaguars' will be playing the 49ers in london next season. we got word that that game has been sold out. so good news for both teams. obviously, the story this week is in new orleans, louisiana, super bowl xlvii. the ravens against the 49ers. the buzz around this city. there's also a big buzz around new orleans. it's a party town, you mix mardi gras with super bowl xlvii and then up get a big- time display. now they are ready to go. there's so much pride in the city of new orleans, not only around what they are all about in terms of the perception of this being a party city. being a good host as well for mardi gras and also for super bowl and it's such a change from what happened 11 years ago when the super bowl was hosted here the last time by new orleans, 911 had just happened and then in between these 11 years, we've had hurricane katrina. this city has overcome so much. the people think it's bigger and better than ever. they are ready for the biggest sporting event in the world to happen on sunday. ravens and 49ers coming up a lit
of london to pull into a port around the world and nobody is letting them in. at the end of their own presidential elections in june where they have their own internal strife like our presidential elections where things don't happen until after the election, you will see them with more, i think more effort coming to negotiations with the united states. i can't tell you we are going to be successful. >> tell me what you think is more likely, holding direct talks with iran or a direct military strike on iran's new class? >> you are kind of asking me sort of like when i proposed to my wife. i thought she was going to say yes, but she said no. i kept at it. >> okay. >> we persisted. something came about. i think it's more likely it will be successful. i can tell you with assurance this, alex. militaries can stop the problem. we can't fix them. the best military assessment, if we were to strike iran and we should never take the military option off the table if we consider the benefits are worth the cost, we could, at best, slow the program for four years. it would take hundreds upon hundre
hearts at the london olympics has been charged with murdering his model girlfriend. she was shot four times with his gun in his home. and abc's lama hasan has the latest. good morning, lama. >> good morning to you, george. sporting legend oscar pistorius is making headlines for a very different reason this morning. he's been officially charged with the murder of his girlfriend. police confirms no reports of false entry and no other suspects involved. oscar pistorius was the first-ever double-amputee at the olympics. but this morning, the man known around the world as blade runner, has being charged with but this morning, a different picture of the man known as blade runner, under arrest and charged with his murder of his girlfriend, model girlfriend, reeva steencavern, recently appeared on the cover of "fhm," in commercials and was due to appear in a reality tv show. this wint the first time that domestic disturbances were reported in the home. she lived next door and was her friend. >> she was always willing to listen to you. give you advice. it doesn't feel real yet. >> reporter: ju
the body of a man was spotted floating about 20 feet from shore just south of jack london square yesterday afternoon. police are trying to determine who he was and how he died. >>> fremont police have arrested a man and a woman on suspicion of caring jaing. the -- carjacking. the arrest followed a short chase that ended at the union landing shopping center. a passenger inside one of the hit cars was taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. >>> 8:02. investigators still looking for clues after a late-night house fire in rohnert park. investigators think the fire on aim ma -- you alma avenue started in the garage around 11:30 last night. then it spread to the house. alex savidge has been there since 4:30. you can tell us how much damage was caused and the video you will see only on channel 2. >> reporter: the home has been vacant for about the past three months. firefighters say the place was locked up. some of the neighbors are telling me that they believe squatters were staying inside this home that was supposedly empty at the time. the fire broke out here in the garage ar
in london. is this the same drone that the united states said was returned to the united states? >> it looks like the same one. the iranians say it was flying 140 miles into their airspace off their northeastern corner, close to the border with afghanistan. the iranians are saying this aircraft was flying from the kandahar airfield base inside afghanistan, and some of the footage, and i looked at it, some of it could be kandahar air base but there's no guarantee this video came from the aircraft in question here. did they get this video from somewhere els? it's not clear. there's no way to verify at the moment what the iranians are saying. the spokesman that the iranians are putting forward says that the aircraft was sent to california several times in 2010 for repair and used for operations inside pakistan. >> translator: this aircraft has had many flights in countries around iran, operations that have taken place in pakistan. this aircraft provided guidance. >> again, no indications that we have that they have the real video from this drone. they may do, but we can't know that for sure at
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